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Quest Forward Academy is much more than world-class academics.

Friendships and experiences during high school can last a lifetime, and we understand their importance. We foster a welcoming, inclusive, low-stress atmosphere ensuring students are comfortable to be their true selves, creating honest, authentic relationships. 

Extracurriculars, clubs, a pioneering internship program, and City as Campus excursions are each filled with moments that support students’ interests and goals as well as their academic work, and deepen their understanding of their world.

Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa students standing proudly in front of a land art sculpture they created on a trip.

High School Should be About You

High school is important, but often also difficult. You work through one textbook after the other, take tests, and get grades all so that you can get into college or get a job.

But what if high school learning were about you, helping you learn your way, at your pace. What if it gave you the tools you need to succeed in your choice of next steps — college, trade school, military, job with training opportunities — and into a successful career? Quest Forward Academy empowers you to follow your interests, and helps you to set and meet your life’s goals.

“We have a community and curriculum that allows me to be myself and thrive. I often refer to the school as my second family because I can talk to anyone and I know they will help me if I need it.”

 — Natasha R., Student

Learn Your Way

At Quest Forward Academy, you learn by doing quests, which are short projects that help you learn academics while also practicing useful skills. Quests help you to learn, to demonstrate your mastery and are often done working individually with your peers or together in small groups.

Often, you can work at your own pace, or choose quests that interest you. In this way, your learning becomes fun, interesting, and useful. It is about your growth as a student and as a person.

A student in a green t-shirt with a rainbow on it sits at a table with a notebook in front of her. She holds a pencil in her right hand is smiling at the person sitting across from her who is out of frame.

Apply worry-free, for next year or to start right away.

“I have complete control of my learning journey and I know I have the ability to work with my mentors to mold my education to fit me, my interests, and my goals.”

 — Madi, Student

Six essential habits, arranged in connected hexagons

Mindset, Habits, and Skills

Here, high school is so much more than grinding out worksheets, quizzes, and tests. You’ll hear everyone at Quest Forward Academy talk about growth mindset: the belief that everyone can learn for their entire lives. You’ll hear us talk about the Six Essential Habits — like “Express Curiosity” or “Manage Yourself” — that students and teachers practice every day. You’ll hear about skills that go deeper than a few academic facts and will help you succeed with anything you set your mind to do.

Download the Habits Poster

“I value the close-knit, caring community. I am surrounded by people who care for and respect me, making me feel comfortable being myself.”

— Lillian, Student


At Quest Forward Academy, everyone can grow and succeed, and we support any level of interest and ability. All students work through the same academics, but at a speed that works for them. Instead of traditional testing, you demonstrate your knowledge and skills with “artifacts.” An artifact can take many forms such as an essay, a video, a presentation, code, and more.

And if you want to dig deep, we offer AP courses, access to classes at Santa Rosa Junior College, and independent study as well. You will be well-prepared for any future you can imagine.

“As students, we have the opportunity to participate in internships, junior college classes, unique field trips, exciting lab activities, and engaging classroom discussions. These opportunities have allowed me to think deeply about how my personal interests connect to my academic career.”

— Sara, Student

Learning in the World

With the City as Campus program, we go outside and into the city regularly to explore organizations, places, and programs that help us understand our world.

Students here are required to complete two internships or more. You get help finding the right one for you at a local business or organization of your choice. Internships can be as short as two weeks, or last all year.

“I have no idea how we’ve gotten such a great group of teachers. They always have such a good attitude and knowing your teacher wants to be a teacher and wants you to succeed, that support is really powerful.”

— Azi, Student at Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa

Get Ready for Your Best Future

Every Quest Forward Academy student has access to 4 years of college and career counseling. Each year, students dig deeper into their interests and passions, review their academic progress, and work with a counselor to plan where they will go after high school and ensure they have the skills to get there.

When you commit to your next step — whether that is college, trade school, the military, or a job with training opportunities — we fully support you into your first job.

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