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Own your learning. Own your success.

Quest Forward Academy students are active learners.

Our students immerse themselves in a rich, relevant curriculum of project-based learning.

Our teachers work as mentors, supporting student inquiry, practice, and mastery. Small classes enable personalized learning and propel growth.

Learning goes beyond academics: Quest Forward Academy students develop the mindset, lifelong habits, and academic skills they need to excel in their education and in their chosen careers.

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Own your learning


At Quest Forward Academy, learning is deeply personal. Students engage, driving their own learning by participating actively in classes, projects, and internships. Just-right class sizes and shifts between group and individual work every day enable each student to progress at their pace.

There are four 8-10-week terms in the academic calendar. As part of our Pathways Program, personalized internships are offered throughout the school year at local organizations and businesses.  There is an intersession at the end of the school year for students to take in-depth, hands-on courses in subjects such as robotics, food science, art, and more. Students may also participate in internships or summer employment during this time.

In their last two years at Quest Forward Academy, students can modify their schedules to accommodate dual enrollment at local colleges, and many of our students earn college credits during high school.

“Other public schools that I used to go to, they had this sort of learning system of listening to lectures, reading textbooks, memorizing facts, and then regurgitating everything. And I would walk away and I wouldn’t remember things and I wouldn’t understand how that related to everyday life and my future and it just didn’t, it felt like there was no point to it…. But here, I found a reason to want to learn, to love to learn.”

– Madi, Student

Course of Study

Our academic program engages students in meaningful, challenging, sustained work that builds study habits and academic skills needed to succeed in education and career.

Each subject area offers term-long courses, which are made up of projects — called “quests” — that lead students through the subject, practicing skills, and ultimately producing a mastery artifact.

Students excel by learning the academic material and showing mastery on their artifacts, instead of by completing worksheets or taking tests. Courses vary in level of difficulty, and range from early high school through university level.

Our academic materials are primarily digital, and students access them via school-supplied Chromebook computers. Students also use Google classroom and other technologies on a daily basis, giving them essential skills for further learning and work.

The curriculum meets the requirements of the California Department of Education, as well as other national standards. Quest Forward Academy is also fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

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Course of Study

Student Progress and Performance

At most high schools, students move at the same pace, and progress is measured by graded tests. At Quest Forward Academy, students can choose to work at the common classroom pace, or move at their own, appropriate pace.

Testing is done by assessing the student-produced artifacts, and teachers score them on learning, timeliness, effort, and suitability. Parents receive weekly, detailed updates that show which quest their child worked on during the week, which skills they practiced, and the artifacts involved in demonstrating mastery of the material. Quest Forward Academy also provides traditional grade-based transcript for students applying to post-secondary institutions, as needed.

Student Progress and Performance

City as Campus

During the academic year, and during Intersession periods, Quest Forward Academy students learn outside of the classroom as part of our “City as Campus” activities, which include activities such as outdoor skill building at Westminster Woods, volunteering during elections, learning about sustainable land management at a local ranch, or visits to local museums or cultural sites.


In addition to the formal academics, students engage in a variety of clubs and extracurricular activities. Organized by the students themselves and supervised by mentors, clubs provide an opportunity for students to pursue their interests together, while also developing important leadership skills.

Support from High School to Career

For our students, planning their path beyond high school starts on the first day in 9th grade. Each student joins the Pathways Program, through which they receive full 4 years of career and college counseling and ACT/SAT preparation. Each student also participates in 2 or more internships off-campus.

When students graduate from Quest Forward Academy, they will receive an additional 6 years of counseling support through their choice of college, trade school, the military, or a job with training opportunities and into 2 years of their first job, to ensure their success in those steps.

The Pathways Program is available to students in all schools that offer the Quest Forward Learning Program, and is funded by Opportunity Education.

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Learn all about Quest Forward Academy and meet teachers, students, and the rest of our welcoming community during this in-person open house event. We hope to see you there!


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November 10 2022, 5:30pm - 8pm

Learn all about Quest Forward Academy and meet teachers, students, and the rest of our welcoming community during this in-person open house event. We hope to see you there!


Summer Explorations

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Incoming 8th and 9th graders across Sonoma, Napa, and Marin Counties are invited to build robots, create art, learn how to become millionaires, and more in hands-on courses this June at Quest Forward Academy. These thought-provoking, skills-building courses are designed for middle school students, especially those who are headed to high school this August. Register today for your choice of 7 courses before your favorite is full!

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