Kristina Davison

School Director


I was born and raised in Sonoma County, California. I am the first woman in my direct family line to earn a high school diploma. I went on to receive a BA in Special and General Education before earning a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. Throughout my years in education, I have been a passionate advocate for differentiation and educational equity. Outside of my chosen vocation, my passion is family. I have 5 grown children and 10 grandchildren. Over the years, we love to go on adventures and have created opportunities to travel and explore different places and cultures together.

Roles at Quest Forward Academy

Director of School (Student and Family Services)

  • BA General Education
  • BA Special Education
  • M.Ed Educational Leadership
  • K-12 General Education Teaching Credential
  • PreK-12+ Educational Specialist Teaching Credential
  • Board Certified Special Education
  • Certified Autism Specialist
Before Quest Forward Academy

Before QFA, I worked as a K-12 teacher in elementary, middle and high schools. Additionally I worked as an Educational Specialist in all three levels of K-12 education. I then became the Director of Special Education for a small IB school district overseeing the special education programs. I eventually went on to develop and implement an educational support system for a large private school before working with disenfranchised and marginalized individuals who were working toward earning a high school diploma.

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