Jordan Bulger

Dean of Students, English & Social Science Mentor


I grew up in Sonoma County, and after adventuring around the country and abroad for many years, I am happy to be home. With my wife and two children, I love exploring Sonoma County! We enjoy hiking remote trails, finding new bakeries, and loading up at bustling farmers’ markets.

Roles at Quest Forward Academy

I strive to help students find and explore their own interests. I love learning alongside the students as they investigate particular topics that really motivate them.  

I love mentoring at Quest Forward Academy. The curriculum is exciting and personalized; the mentors are passionate and engaging; the students are interested and interesting. Every day, I am challenged to be a better teacher. I am grateful for it.

  • BA Classics 
  • MA Classics 
  • MA Comparative Literature 
  • MA Teaching
Before Quest Forward Academy

I have taught all ages, from kindergarten to college. Before my time at Quest Forward Academy, I taught literature and composition for five years at UC Berkeley in the Comparative Literature department. My research focused on how poetry could help save the world from environmental disaster. I am optimistic it still can!

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