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The Forward-Thinking High School

Students should be active in and excited about their learning. School is the journey that leads to their futures. Quest Forward Academy challenges them, equipping them with the tools they will need to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Combining rigorous academics with a solid framework of real-life, valuable skills, Quest Forward Academy is demanding, exciting, engaging—anything but boring.









Small and Mighty

Just-right class sizes allow for active, project-based learning, personalization geared toward interests and goals, ample opportunities to accelerate, and the attention each student deserves from a mentor. The school will continue to grow toward a target of 200 students, with 50 students per grade.

Part of a Global Network

Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa is part of a global network of schools that offer Quest Forward Learning to their students. Built on a common vision for high quality, authentic learning and a shared course of study, each Quest Forward Academy is committed to rigorous academics, active learning, and personal growth.

A Truly Unique High School Experience

Located in the heart of Santa Rosa, the Quest Forward Academy campus is optimized in design and form for Quest Forward Learning. The campus features:

  • Science labs
  • Makerspace/art studio
  • Flexible classrooms
  • Cafe space for collaborative work
  • and more!

“We have a community and curriculum that allows me to be myself and thrive. I get to go deep into what I want and I get more creative to add new things. I also love that the school is so accepting… this school has helped me tremendously to accept myself and be happy. I often refer to the school as my second family because I can talk to anyone and I know they will help me if I need it.”

– Natasha, Student

Interested students are welcomed to experience classes and be a part of Quest Forward Academy for a day. Register today!

Meet the Team

SheriAnn Simpson

Executive Director
B.A. Government, B.A. Spanish, M.A. Spanish, Ph.D. Educational Innovation (Leadership & Technology)

Kristina Davison

School Director (Student and Family Services)
BA General Education, BA Special Education, M.Ed Educational Leadership, K-12 General Education Teaching Credential, PreK-12+ Educational Specialist Teaching Credential, Board Certified Special Education, Certified Autism Specialist

John Young

School Director (Mentor/Classroom)

Verenise Reyes

Communications/Operations Manager
BA in Sociology, Sonoma State University; AA in psychology and sociology Santa Rosa Junior College

Ursula Ahajanian

School Counselor
MS in Counseling & Guidance, Pupil Personnel Services Credential, California Lutheran University Career and Life Planning Certificate, Califormia State University, Chico Preliminary Adminstrative Services Credential, Sononma State University BA Humanities, California State University, Northridge

Guadalupe Lopez

School Counselor
Bachelor's in Sociology with a minor in Holistic Health (San Francisco State University) MSW (Columbia University)

Matt Blumenthal

Social Science Mentor
BA, Political Science and Sociology

Mara Armenta

Science Mentor
BA in Anthroopology and a minor in Religious Studies from San Deigo State University. MA in Biological Anthropology from California State University, Sacramento

Kyle Haselton

English Mentor
BA English Education, MA Education

Kaveh Hedayati

Spanish Mentor
BA in Spanish language and Philosophy from Complutense University of Madrid. . "

Bryan Rollofson

English Mentor
BA in English with a minor in Theological Studies (Loyola Marymount University); MA in English (Loyola Marymount University); MFA in Creative Writing (University of San Francisco); Certification in Teaching of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) (TEFL Iberia)

Nicolas Gilmore

Mathematics Mentor
BS Mathematics

Mac Ketchum

Physical Education and Theater Mentor
BA in Theater from San Francisco State; MA in Linguistics from San Diego State

Danielle Bruns

Social Sciences Mentor
BA History, MA History, Social Sciences & Health Science Credentials

Michael Herman

Mathematics & Physics Mentor
BS Physics, PhD Atmospheric Physics

Riley Husted

Mentor Coach, English & Communications Mentor
BA English Literature, MA Education

Shianne Buxton

Physical Education Mentor
Bachelor's in Health Science with a minor in biology (Grand Valey State University), Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Strength and Conditioning Coach, CPR, AED, First Aid

Paige Barham

Mentor Support

Meredith Pierson

Mentor Coach, Science Mentor
BS Molecular & Cell Biology, MS Biology

Laila Thomas

Science Mentor
BBA in marketing, management, and computer information systems & operations management. (Loyola Marymount University.MBA in marketing and management, an additional Master’s in Information Technology in applications development. (American Intercontinental University). Designation in advertising, markeing, and trade & commerce. (UCLA)

Scot Spinner

Math Mentor and Tech Support
BS in Computer Science from UC Berkeley

Sandra Novia

Art Mentor
2-year certificated Art and Design - Butera School of Art and Design, Formal Education - 4 - year Massachusetts College of Art and Design, SCAD Lacoste, Lacoste France, San Francisco State University, City College of San Francisco. Certificated Teachers Professional Development Program - John F. Kennnedy Center for the Performing Arts with a focus in


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“One thing that’s different here from another school, and it’s kind of what makes me really excited to come to school, is all the mentors… I’ve never been super keen on English and Social Science. But being here has really changed that for me, and I started to enjoy writing and to enjoy reading, and I improved in writing and reading.”

– Zach, Student

A School Year that Makes Sense

The academic year consists of:

  • Four terms, eight to nine weeks each
  • Two-week winter intersession

This schedule enables innovative, personalized programming for students. The intersession provides opportunities for:

  • Intensive work in electives
  • Internships or work experiences
  • Independent projects
  • A change of pace from the core academic content

Summer activities provide students with opportunities to catch up in courses, as well as new opportunities for service learning, internships, project work, and electives.

A joyful student from Sonoma County, CA at Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa pours liquid into a beaker.

Days with Structure and Flexibility

During the regular terms, each class meets 5 times every 2 weeks. In addition to regular class meetings, students also have:

  • Planning periods
  • Open quest time
  • One hour each day for electives and project work, which allows students to receive additional support

School lets out after morning classes every Friday to provide time for professional development of staff and for students to engage in independent work.

Students also have regular opportunities for field trips and other exploratory projects in the surrounding community as part of our City as Campus program.

A Typical Day

  • 8:00 a.m.: Academy opens. Students work on projects and get ready for the day.   
  • 9:00 a.m.: Classes Begin
  • 12:15 p.m.: Lunch
  • 1:00 p.m.: Pathways Program sessions and club meetings
  • 3:30 p.m.: Classes end. Additional work time and mentor support.
  • 12:30 p.m. (Fridays only): Classes end. Independent work time for students.

Motivated, academically advanced students who are ready to start high school early are welcome at Quest Forward Academy.

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Schedules, Calendars, & More

See the current academic calendar and more for enrolled students and their families on the Resources for Families page. Need to refresh yourself on our COVID policies for the year? View our COVID Return to School Plan. And don’t forget to visit our swag shop and stock up on Quest Forward Academy gear.

A Truly Unique High School Experience